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The Armory Show: 2003 - 2008

Armory Show is a selection of ARTonAIR and WPS1 coverage of the art fair since 2005, where we frequently operated from a cozy corner module in Manhattan's West Side piers. The show occupied a half-dozen-football-fields' worth of this riverside real estate carpeted in art, and open to the public for five frequently snowy, icy days in March. WPS1 was the official Internet radio station for the Armory Show from 2005 to 2008. AIR now covers the show and the surrounding satellite fairs using roving correspondents and remote recording devices in addition to our own Clocktower studios and familiar menagerie of producers and experts.


The Armory Show & SCOPE New York 2010: Jiri Svestka, Marck and Fredy Hadorn
The Armory Show & SCOPE New York 2010: Jiri Svestka, Marck and Fredy Hadorn
VOLTA NY 2010: Douglas Henderson and Samuel Rousseau
Armory Show 2008: Art & Technology, Flatland Limo
The Armory Show 2008: Our Correspondents Edition
Armory Show 2008: Thierry Geoffroy a.k.a. Colonel
Armory Show 2008: Art & Technology: Perpetual Art Machine (PAM)
Armory Show 2008: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Paul Chan, and Enrique Walker
Armory Show 2006: Exit Art and Bomb Magazine
Armory Show 2006: Miami Artists
Armory Show 2005: Bob Nickas with Marjory Jacobson and John Tremblay
Armory Show 2005: Max Henry with Malachi Farrell
Armory Show 2005: Artists Buying Art with Peter Coffin (Part 1)
Armory Show 2005: Artists Buying Art with Peter Coffin (Part 2)
Painted Notes with Katelijne DeBacker
Armory Show 2007: Mierle Laderman Ukeles
Armory Show 2007: Ward Shelley
Armory Show 2007: Rush Interactive Special with Terry Berkowitz and Steve Millero
Armory Show 2007: Chef Michael Romano
Armory Show 2007: Steve Rockwell of d'Art International Magazine
Armory Show 2007: Duke Riley
Armory Show 2007: Pierre Pelegry, Nuit Blanche Paris
Armory Show 2007: Senam Okudzeto
Armory Show 2007: The M*A*S*H Show
Armory Show 2007: Lost and Found Sound, The Food Show
Armory Show 2007: David Humphrey, Douglas Kelley & Antoine Guerrero
Armory Show 2007: Antoine Guerrero of P.S.1
Armory Show 2007: The Collectors' Forum, Wim Delvoye
Armory Show 2007: Meredith Allen
Armory Show 2005: Alanna Heiss with David Teiger and Amalia Dayan
Armory Show 2006: Heiss, Deitch, Gladstone & Von Habsburg
Armory Show 2006: Art Handling, Behind the Scenes
Armory Show 2006: Artists Buying Art
Armory Show 2006: Bald Ego Online Special
Armory Show 2006: Collectors' Forum Special with Nicholas Logsdail
Armory Show 2006: The French Connection
Armory Show 2006: What's After the $3M Photograph?
Armory Show 2006: PULSE Art Fair Report
Armory Show 2006: New Art from China
Armory Show 2006: Rush Interactive Special Edition
Armory Show 2006: Max Henry with Anna Catharina Gebbers
Armory Show 2006: Nick Stillman with E.V. Day
Armory Show 2005: Nick Stillman and Martha Rosler
Armory Show 2005: Alanna Heiss with Carlo Bach
Armory Show 2005: Brett Littman with Swedish artists
Armory Show 2005: Noise in Your Eye (Soundsculpture)
Armory Show 2005: Bald Ego Online Special
Armory Show 2005: Miami Artists
Armory Show 2005: DiVa Digital Video and Art Fair
Armory Show 2005: Glenn Lowry with Michael Lynne and Agnes Gund
Armory Show 2005: The Collectors' Forum Special
Armory Show 2005: Mark Fletcher with Barbara Gladstone
Armory Show 2005: Yablonsky, Lehman & Eberle
Armory Show 2005: Rush Interactive Special
Armory Show 2006: Art and Technology: Special