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Focus On Puerto Rico : Poncili Creación

Poncili Creación generates performative and audiovisual experiences that sprout from the duo's interactive sculptures.


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For their Focus On Puerto Rico residency Poncili Creación will present their breakthroughs in the field of "Placebo Technology". For 3 years they have been experimenting and studying human behavior and consumerism in disguise. 


Merging research collected from previous studies and those conducting throughout their residency term, Poncili Creación line will develop a line of placebos meant to treat the "human condition" and challenge our pre-established relationship with technology.

As part of this effort, Poncili will open Miami’s first-ever Placebo Clinic inside their Mana Contemporary studio. This will include a display room for the products to be experienced and a pharmacy and prescription booth open to the public. Using analog sculpture and modern-day science they, will fuse technology with love.

On the weekends the clinic will reopen at night for family and group sessions