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Will Corwin: Auroch's Library

The site-specific installation Auroch's Library investigates the human need for the perception of order. Its structure is a large shelf filled with plaster sculptural elements, from geometric blocks and polygons to drip forms and debris. By combining a selection of these forms in a selection of statues, Corwin created—and reinvented the defining visual elements of—a full chess set for a final living sculpture performance with International Master Irina Krush and Grandmaster Robert Hess, with play-by-play commentary by Grandmaster Maurice Ashley. This performance related to the installation based on the assumption that chess is a game of order, of boxes, grids, and impermeable rules when it is in fact a game of intuition, bravado, bluffing, and luck.

This performance was held on Wednesday, August 10, 2011, at the Clocktower Gallery.