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Zoe Kravitz, Good Kill

The actress Zoe Kravitz, who at 26 has been acting for nearly a decade, comes into her own in 2015 with featured roles in a trio of movies. In a riveting reboot of the post-apocalyptic trilogy, Kravitz plays a warlord’s escaped sex slave in George Miller’s Mad Max Fury Road. She also tackles comedy in surprising ways in the hip hop comedy Dope. And starring opposite Ethan Hawke in Andrew Niccol's provocative drone drama Good Kill, she stands out as the voice of reason and outrage.


Beyond the Subtitles


Stephen Schaefer hosts candid conversations with actors, filmmakers, producers and movie people near and far. Schaefer has over three decades of writing and talking about movies behind him. He is the author of the Hollywood spoof The Autobiography of Marla Del Marr as told to Stephen Schaefer  and is currently a film critic and entertainment writer for The Boston Herald; and a contributor to USA Today and Entertainment Weekly.