In Downtown Miami, our Focus On Puerto Rico residency program is in full swing. Learn more about our Residents and upcoming FOP program events. 


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In Downtown Miami, our Focus On Puerto Rico residency program is in full swing. 


Yarn/Wire & Pete Swanson, Eliminated Artist

Recorded live at ISSUE Project Room in March 2012, celebrated piano/percussion quartet Yarn/Wire premiere "Eliminated Artist", a collaboration with electronic artist Pete Swanson


Best known as one-half of the now-defunct noise duo Yellow Swans, Swanson has since embarked on solo projects that range between free guitar noise, dismantled techno, and electronic soundscapes. For “Eliminated Artist,” Swanson recorded improvised rehearsals by Yarn/Wire and worked with the ensemble to craft a repeatable framework for live performance.

A combination of acoustic signal and rehearsal recordings were then constructed into a live electronic mix by Swanson during the performance. Yarn/Wire returned to ISSUE on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 playing new works by two of NYC's most exciting musicians: composer/multi-instrumentalist Tyondai Braxton and trumpeter/composer Peter Evans.


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A series of programs recorded live in performance produced by Brooklyn's ISSUE Project Room, a center for innovation, discovery, development, and presentation of new music, sound, dance, performance, literature, video, and film. ISSUE Project Room is a pioneering performance center, presenting projects by both emerging and established experimental artists that expand the boundaries of artistic practice and stimulate critical dialogue about art and culture in the broader community. A 503 (c) nonprofit founded by Suzanne Fiol in 2003, ISSUE plays a vital role in NYC’s cultural ecology, facilitating the commission and premiere of more than 20 new works each year and presenting a diverse array of artists working across the disciplines of music, sound, dance, performance, literature, video, and film. ISSUE places a special focus on bringing recognition to artists whose important contributions to the creative field have been under-recognized, often as a result of gender, sexuality, or geographic location. Through the incubation of innovative new work, ISSUE performs an essential research and development function that stimulates a constant influx of ideas into the local, national, and international creative landscape.

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Blank Forms is a curatorial platform dedicated to the presentation and preservation of time-based performance practices, with emphasis on ephemeral practices that fall outside conventional institutional support systems and consequently risk remaining inaccessible, minimally documented and obscure. Through a variety of curatorial approaches, including public performances, online and print publishing, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and residencies, Blank Forms crafts a robust support structure for both the artist and the presentation of their work.