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Who Owns Ana Mendieta?

The question goes to the heart of an artist's life and work, identity and self-determination, feminist activism, and public scandal. Mendieta was a Cuban exile who became a master of earth and body works, a filmmaker, a member of the legendary AIR gallery collective, a curator, and an activist. She died at age 35 in a mysterious incident. Her influence was and is a landmark and launching point for both her artistic medium and her challenge to a male dominated art world.

This discussion at the Clocktower Radio studio comes following a panel at Bruce High Quality Foundation on the life and work of Mendieta and the persistent patriarchy of the art world. Hosted by Katya Grokhovsky of Feminist Urgent, the participants are painter, editor, and book artist Susan Bee, co-owner/co-
director of Accola Griefen Gallery in New York City and previous Director of A.I.R. Gallery Kat Griefen, and writer, performer, curator Christen Clifford.

About the image:
Ana Mendieta used the silhouette of her body to create actions (performances). The photo documentation of her actions is as formal as her work. She manipulates her body to create a new form. She felt that she needed to be united with her eternal source, "I have been carrying on a dialogue between the landscape and the female body, based on my own silhouette," (Barreras del Rio 10). She creates emotionally charged self portraits, which are known for their deep spiritual connection to the earth.


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