In Downtown Miami, our Focus On Puerto Rico residency program is in full swing. Learn more about our Residents and upcoming FOP program events. 


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In Downtown Miami, our Focus On Puerto Rico residency program is in full swing. 


Vinyl Love

In DJ Jeannie's own words,
"Big moves, big times, big change, but the radio remains virtually the same! Coming at your here with In the Hopper for Clocktower Radio. In the big move, yours truly DJ Jeannie Hopper literally went through my entire vinyl collection which has been in deep storage at the gallery for the past 8 years. Now unveiled on these juicy gems, spanning the 20 years of the Liquid Sound Lounge radio show, which I host and produce for WBAI 99.5fm and share with you worldwide. Enjoy Loft Classics featuring Charles Earland's Leaving the Planet, Herbie Hancock's Knee Deep, Masubara's S.O.S, Marvin Gaye's Right On and a Jeannie Hopper classic, Cannonball Adderley presents the Nat Adderley Sextet featuring Rick Homes Soul Zodiac. Vinyl Love carries on with the signature LSL sound balancing the live and digital fusion of a multitude of amazing productions from King Britt's Uzomaka, Tweak Beanfield's Weirdo, the quirky Easter Bay's Release The Goose and Ikebe Shakedown's Tujunga. This one's for the headphones! Crackle crackle...sounds soooo good."


In the Hopper


Gems from independent artists, record labels and producers! Jeannie Hopper has a long-standing herstory of giving artists a chance to be heard. In her DJ sets and on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge, she regularly puts together playlists of under-represented and emerging artists so her loyal following can just sit back and avoid the high-intensity shuffle of sorting through all the beautiful and overwhelming things the Information Age has to offer. Now she brings some of that good stuff to Clocktower Radio (formerly Art International Radio, or, AIR).