Clocktower and Mana Contemporary present focus On Puerto Rico -- a 3-month residency program featuring cutting-edge work by artists living and working in Puerto Rico, as well as Puertorican-born diaspora artists.


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Our Focus On Puerto Rico residency is now in full swing!


Timeless Tunes

All sorts of beautiful new music that will stand the test of time. So many new groups with incredible albums along with some long standing names and
their new creations. Jackson Conti you may know from Azymuth fame here with his own album Sujinho out of Brazil. And heading further south of the equator it's the incredible Bajofondo of Argentina & Uraguay with a gorgeous twist on the tango and some serious history behind the players on this one! Jeff Stott is a master Oud player fusing electronic instrumentation with this ancient instrument. Alexis P. Suter has a new full length that is
polished to perfection as she continues to gain the praise of historic main stays like BB King, the Allman Brothers and more in her traversing the country playing huge festivals. Rounding it out with Nommo with a twist on the Congotronic's style, Hotel 7 out of Italy totally pushing it live and a new flavor from Jaymz Nylon trippin' electronica. Enjoy!


In the Hopper


The latest gems from independent artists, record labels and producers! Jeannie Hopper has a long-standing herstory of giving artists a chance to be heard. In her DJ sets and on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge, she regularly puts together playlists of under-represented and emerging artists so her loyal following can just sit back and avoid the high-intensity shuffle of sorting through all the beautiful and overwhelming things the Information Age has to offer. Now she brings some of that good stuff to AIR.