Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

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Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

The Kings of Elgaland-Vargaland

A 2012 conversation and listening session with the two Swedish artists, Leif Elggren and C.M. von Hausswolff who created the enduring geo-political conceptual work known as The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland whose territories consist of all trans-border, interstitial spaces: geographical, mental and digital (including the space between life and death). David Weinstein and guest host Egnekn Montgomery, one of the ministers of the kingdoms, get a rare and complete explanation of the project.

The two Swedes have worked extensively with sound and many examples are contained in this program. Individually and together they also employ a number of unusual or non-traditional media and methods such as group collaboration, electronic voice phenomena (EVP), dream drawings, and cross-century partnerships such as with the long dead iconoclast Emanuel Swedenborg.

The program also includes an alternate recording of their national anthem made by Berlin artist Alva Noto.


Experimental Composers


The object of this series is to invite emerging and established innovators to share their work. These programs are usually a combination of an interview with a far-reaching perspective on the artist's career, some recordings illustrating this history, and something new. Open territory. The unfortunate and unintended messages that come attached to a title like Experimental Composers are many. Still it is one of the few labels to come out of the world of music that has not been co-opted by promoters, corporations, journalists, or lawyers. This one just seems to have anti-market goo on it. Hooray. It's also just bad English (as if to imply that these poor souls are themselves, in their flesh and blood, some kind of experiment and, perhaps, even expendable). And then there is the spectre of defying the wisdom of the great Edgar Varèse who said something like, "I do not write experimental music. My experimenting is done before I make the music. Afterwards it is the listener who must experiment."