Standing in solidarity with Puerto Rico.

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Standing in solidarity with Puerto Rico.

The Caravan Stage Theatre Company

The Caravan Stage Theatre Company sails into Red Hook on their 90 ft ship the Amara Zee, to present an experimental opera with acrobatics, video, and puppetry. Clocktower's Bridget Hickey chats with Musical Director Renee Benson and members of the cast about their upcoming show Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire! and the company's extraordinary history, including life on the ship and their recent run-in with Canadian authorities.

Established in 1970, The Caravan Stage Society, Inc. is a vibrant, seafaring theater company that stages performances on their ship, the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre. The globe-trotting crew spent eight years sailing and performing around Europe, and has been back in North America since 2013. Their shows, all original productions, involve 21st century issues and are renowned for their inventive props and special effects.



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