We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am (FR) or 4pm-6pm (NYC).


We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am (FR) or 4pm-6pm (NYC).

Tetraphonics: Lea Bertucci's Quadraphonic Cello

A live concert recording of Lea Bertucci’s Quadraphonic Cello, an instrument outfitted with a customized pickup designed specially for 4-channel sound. Noise rather than pitch dominates the aesthetic approach, with texture and timbre in the foreground. Interdisciplinary artist and avant-garde cellist MV Carbon performs the composition by Bertucci, with programming by Tommy Martinez.

This performance was part of the Clocktower's March 2016 Tetraphonics event presented in collaboration with Lea Bertucci at Pioneer Works where four artists explored quadraphonic sound and its mesmeric effects in performance alongside 4-channel video work.

An instrument, multichannel installation, and platform for audio-visual composition, the Quadraphonic Cello re-imagines a classical cello as a vehicle for surround sound. A customized pickup using piezo-electric component technology is attached directly to each of the four strings. When the cellist bows, plucks or taps, four discrete signals are produced and routed to a quadraphonic array of speakers. Developed through the Harvestworks New Works Fellowship, this instrument is a three dimensional musical apparatus tailored to multi-channel composition and the sculpting of acoustic space.

Lea Bertucci is an American sound artist, composer and performer whose work incorporates acoustic phenomena, biological resonance, multi-channel speaker arrays, electroacoustic feedback, extended instrumental/vocal technique, and tape collage. As an instrumentalist, she uses an idiosyncratic approach to the amplification of woodwind instruments, creating organic yet electrified sonic interventions.

MV Carbon is a New York City-based, interdisciplinary artist and composer. Her work is comprised of sound, installation, projection, and performance. Embracing a non-traditional approach to music, she plays cello, amplified objects, vocals and crafted instruments through circuits and electronics, analog synthesizers and oscillators.

Recordings by Alex Thompson in partnership with Harvestworks.