Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

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Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

Synthesize Me

Loads of new tunes spring into release including tracks from Robert Miles's new album Thirteen, Natacha Atlas' beautiful Riverman remixed by Jeff Stott, Para Armar's tune mixed with that signature melodic early pop synth sounds by the Latinsizer out of Tijuiana, MX, the latest fabulous festive collection Sofrito: Tropical Discoteque from Strutt Records, Ewan Pearson takes on Flowers and Sea Creatures's A.M., Bi Ji Ling's long anticipated album preview with Tim "Love" Lee's Fully Bearded Dub remix to be released on Tummy Touch, Swampburger is back from Florida with Sun=Vibes reworked by a favorite up-and-comer All Good Funk Alliance that's being released via 8th Dimension's Lime Sorbet collection. In closing, enjoy the happy, bouncy, go-lucky tune You Can Dance from Chilly Gonzales, mixed with the Popular Computer Mix (one of over 10 remixes thus far). Eins, zwei, drei, vier...1, 2.


In the Hopper


Gems from independent artists, record labels and producers! Jeannie Hopper has a long-standing herstory of giving artists a chance to be heard. In her DJ sets and on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge, she regularly puts together playlists of under-represented and emerging artists so her loyal following can just sit back and avoid the high-intensity shuffle of sorting through all the beautiful and overwhelming things the Information Age has to offer. Now she brings some of that good stuff to Clocktower Radio (formerly Art International Radio, or, AIR).