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Studio Dispatches, Part 2

The Island presents Studio Dispatches, a radio broadcast series with contributions by over 40 artists currently (2010) based in the UK, produced by Andrew Bonacina and Victoria Brooks. The artists each created five-minute "dispatches" from their studios to reflect what they were working on at that moment. In the resulting audio works the artists' thoughts, interests and topics of research take various forms, from spoken word or music to collaged sound.

Part 2: Babak Ghazi: Lifework – Grace Jones ‘The Frog & The Princess; Nick Byrne & Anthea Hamilton: Calypsos; Ryan Gander: Writing My life; Hillary Koob-Sassen: IPS Transcalar

Originally conceived as a five-hour analogue broadcast for Radio
IPS, which temporarily transformed the gallery at International
Project Space
in Birmingham into a broadcasting studio, The Island
Studio Dispatches mirrored this transition of the closed space of
production into the public context of the gallery by inviting the
artists to create audio transmissions from their places of work.
Studio Dispatches questions the notion of the studio, a concept
fractured by increasing physical, conceptual and technological


The Island


The Island radio series, produced and presented by curators Victoria Brooks and Andrew Bonacina, regularly presents on-site recordings of UK-based performance, music, panels and artist interviews. The Island also partners with the Clocktower Gallery on The Island Studio Sessions, a long-term research project that includes a series of residencies, exhibitions and radio broadcasts. The first two residents as part of the project are UK-based artists Haroon Mirza and Hannah Sawtell. These residencies are made possible by a collaboration between The Island (Andrew Bonacina and Victoria Brooks, curators) and the Clocktower (Alanna Heiss, curator). The Island is an itinerant non-profit organisation that develops curatorial projects in dialogue with international partners. The Island is committed to a collaborative model for working with organisations and artists across the globe to explore the critical potential of cultural exchange.