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STANKLOVE: Episode 1

k(Rob) (co-host of #trashDAY) invites listeners on a romantical excursion into the "puckered deep and it's nasty in there".

This episode of STANKLOVE includes special guests:

The incredible, edible AKYNOS is a New York City-based web model, burlesque performer, and producer.

Abby Zidle is the primary editor and manager of, a romance & women’s fic online community. As an editor, she is most interested in women’s fiction, romance, pop culture, and narrative nonfiction within internet and celebrity spheres.

Dr. Leora Manischewitz is a practicing Sex Therapist specializing in couple's counseling and relating conditions, such as anxiety, depression, compulsive eating, and body image.

Dr. Xiaojue Hu is a Psychiatrist working at Gouverneur Health in New York. Her practice involves culture-specific evaluation, and counseling for trauma, relationships, and sexual issues.




#trashDAY hosts and visual artists Kenya (Robinson) and Doreen Garner elevate the vernacular of urban fiction, reality television, gossip publications, social dance, and fashion, and use it as a point of departure for satire and social commentary. 


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