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Second Sundays: May 2015 Artist Interviews

Clocktower Radio hosted interviews with artists-in-residence at Pioneer Works during the May 2015 edition of their Second Sundays open house festivities.

Listen as Clocktower's Bridget Hickey hosts Jessica Vaughn, Station Manager Jake Nussbaum hosts Laura Brunellière with Catherine Despont and then Tommy Martinez, and Bridget Hickey returns with Clara Claus.

Jessica Vaughn is a visual artist working in sculpture, photography and public installation. Her multimedia practice incorporates images and objects that point to complex relationships of belonging and dispossession in contested and desired urban spaces.

Laura Brunellière is a French artist who lives in Paris an teaches at Esba Talm in Le Mans. Having undertaken studies in photography and film, her work addresses and questions the role of the image through various media be it 3D, stills, video, or collage.

Thomas Martinez is a New York City based composer, guitarist and programmer from Los Angeles. His work in multichannel sound, improvised guitar, video and custom software explores relationships between laptop algorithms and acoustic, unprocessed sound.

Clara Claus is a French artist based in Brooklyn. Through her multimedia practice, she focuses on observation of the surrounding world and its distorted forms embedded in memory, sentiment and imagination.


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