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Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl

As an only child, England's Rosamund Pike couldn’t know that her solitary upbringing would be key in David Fincher’s casting her in the year’s most coveted female role: "Amazing" Amy Elliott Dunne in his cinematic adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s global bestseller, Gone Girl. Pike, who costars with Ben Affleck--part of an ingenious he-said/she-said look at a marriage in this psychological thriller--discusses Fincher, the role that will make her a household name, and her present pregnant condition. She is due to give birth in 8 weeks to her second child.


Beyond the Subtitles


Stephen Schaefer hosts candid conversations with actors, filmmakers, producers and movie people near and far. Schaefer has over three decades of writing and talking about movies behind him. He is the author of the Hollywood spoof The Autobiography of Marla Del Marr as told to Stephen Schaefer  and is currently a film critic and entertainment writer for The Boston Herald; and a contributor to USA Today and Entertainment Weekly.