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Ronnie Landfield

Painter Ronnie Landfield provides a first-hand and fascinating account of New
York in the sixties, and his education as an artist in the great
galleries of the city. Ronnie educates Will on the various schools of
painting in New York, post-AbEx, and talks about the group of artists,
including Ron Davis, Peter Young, Dan Christensen and himself, who
were a part of the Seven Painters show that Landfield curated in
the mid-nineties. Ronnie's story is filled with famous and colorful
characters, from Philip Johnson and David Whitney, to Hans Hoffman and
Fidel Castro (43 minutes).


The Interview Show


Interviews with artists, singers, producers, and curators. Including David Hockney, Sarah Lucas, Marilyn Minter and many more, hosted by artist Will Corwin.