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Rachael Leigh Cook, My First Wedding

Not all the movies or actors who come to the Cannes Film Festival have films in competition. While the world's focus is on the official entries with their red carpeted premieres, Cannes' real business is a much bigger deal that gets far less press: The buying and selling of films worldwide. That's why Jamie Foxx and Beyonce showed up to promote Dreamgirls (coming in December) and why we sat down with Rachael Leigh Cook at the Carlton Hotel, the festival's unofficial headquarters. Her romantic comedy My First Wedding opens this August with Leigh as a jittery bride. A teen star with movies like She's All That and Josie and the Pussycats, Leigh, now 25, is a poised veteran who alternates between indie films and studio fare like Warner Bros.' Nancy Drew (15.5 minutes).


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