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Pumpkin Poffertjes

For this savory "poffertjes version" ...
Roasted mashed pumpkin & sweet potato (ratio:1/3 pumpkin to 2/3 poffertjes batter)
Let rest for one hour,
Proceed to make poffertjes...
Once "done" slice open like a tiny sandwich,
add teaspoon of wasabi flavored whipped cream.
Finish with dollop of wasabi tobiko and...

...enjoy w sip of chilled Sake.

Note that Marja has also posted two other poffertje recipes here in her Cooking Up A Storm section that will give you more on the methods and background.


Cooking Up A Storm


Marja Samsom, the Dumpling Diva, has brought all of her pots and pans into the AIR kitchen, where she will cook all her most alluring, signature dishes and provide you with any help you need to make them yourself. Once a performance artist based out of Amsterdam, Samsom thrives on the act; you could ask for no more informed and inviting a culinary guide than Samsom, whose Euro-Asian fusion creations have made her one of the most respected and exciting chefs in New York. So turn up the volume, turn on the oven and tune in.