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Pierce Brosnan, The Matador

Always known as a debonair Irishman with old-fashioned sex appeal, Pierce Brosnan does a mid-life course-changing spin with The Matador, an edgy black comedy from New York born-and-bred writer-director href="">Richard Shepard. It was Brosnan's surprising decision to play the bisexual, end-of-his-rope hitman from Shepard's original script, which his company, Irish Dream Time, also produced. But then, daunted by the idea of playing this worn-out, outrageously over-the-top killer and maybe even more daunted by worrying how audiences would accept him, Brosnan had a crisis of confidence and was ready to quit. All this and more in this intimate conversation with the man who is perhaps best known as Secret Agent 007 James Bond.


Beyond the Subtitles


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