Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

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Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

People Get Ready

People Get Ready and their producer, Greg Saunier (of Deerhoof), sat down with host Joe Ahearn to discuss their studio projects here at the Clocktower, as well as past and future projects. The band's signature style is characterized by choreographed dance moves and innovative recording and performing techniques. Greg and the band teamed up after he attended one of their live performances, where he was taken with this creative approach to music. When the two finally banded forces, the balance of in-studio spontaneity and technical audio structure made for a fine-tuned product.

The songs were no more than sketches when they arrived, and after three months in the Clocktower recording studio they became a great basis for the vocals they will be creating during a residency at Arizona State University. People Get Ready used their surroundings to its full potential by recording in the space's closets, playing with the natural range of echos in the Clocktower and other nonconventional recording techniques. In the recording process, the band typically would use short segments of their musical pieces and isolate them to create an incredibly specific "sound vision."

We hear the band's tracks Three Strangers and Windy Cindy from their previous album and teasers created during their summer of 2013 studio projects.



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The Clocktower Gallery was founded by the alternative spaces movement pioneer Alanna Heiss in 1972. After a hiatus as a gallery space (after the Sept. 11, 2001 events nearby), the Clocktower Gallery reinaugurated its exhibition programming in 2005 as part of MoMA/PS1 and, after 2008, under the auspices of the newly founded Art International Radio (now Clocktower Productions). Clocktower Exhibits is home to interviews with and performances by its exhibitions' participating artists and curators over these many years.

For more Clocktower history, listen to The Clocktower Oral History Project, in which such figures as Vito Acconci, Bill Beirne, Colette, Jeffrey Deitch, Mary Heilmann, Jene Highstein, Ann Magnuson, Richard Nonas and Joel Shapiro reflect upon their experiences with this unique New York space. Organized by artist Nancy Hwang for the Fall 2009 AVANT-GUIDE TO NYC: Discovering Absence exhibition at apexart. .