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Paul H-O and Tom Donahue, Guest of Cindy Sherman

Two love affairs gone sour – one with art and one with artist Cindy
Sherman. That is the saga Paul H-O traces in Guest of Cindy Sherman, an autobiographical documentary
that began in the mid 90s when Paul created and hosted the cable
access show Art Beat. Sherman was a fan and dropped her no-interviews
posture to go on camera with Paul. Soon they became a live-in couple
and the carpenter-turned-TV star was flying in Eli Broad’s private jet
with Sherman to LA, vacationing in Hawaii and enjoying a great life. The crash came when Paul realized he was not half of a team but, as
one place card at an art opening dinner defined him, merely a Guest of
Cindy Sherman. Paul and co-director Tom Donahue discuss their narrative, the various
permissions they needed to receive and the aftermath of Paul and Sherman's "break-up."


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