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Pascal Chaumeil, Heartbreaker

A TV director who had never helmed a feature film until his French hit Heartbreaker, Pascal Chaumeil (pronounced show-mEYe) charmingly explains how a neophyte rewrote a script that was already set for a Hollywood remake, and how--with a little help from wires--his stars Vanessa Paradis and Romain Duris could duplicate Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray


Beyond the Subtitles


Stephen Schaefer hosts candid conversations with actors, filmmakers, producers and movie people near and far. Schaefer has over three decades of writing and talking about movies behind him. He is the author of the Hollywood spoof The Autobiography of Marla Del Marr as told to Stephen Schaefer  and is currently a film critic and entertainment writer for The Boston Herald; and a contributor to USA Today and Entertainment Weekly.