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Pachanga & Boogaloo (Cuba 1960s)

For this show, Ned Sublette features the hip Cuban rhythms of 1960, the pachanga, as interpreted by Rolando La Serie and by Arsenio Rodriguez. There is a stunning bolero by Benny Moré and some of the maximum stars of the era in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Latin New York: Pacho Alonso, Celeste Mendoza, La Lupe, Juanito Marquez, and Pello El Afrokán, as well as Eddie Palmieri's La Perfecta, the Joe Cuba Sextet with the young Cheo Feliciano, El Gran Combo's "Jala Jala," Pete Rodriguez, the bugalú king, Ismael Rivera with Cortijo, and from 1971, Machito's foray into mambo-bugalú. Damn!

We dedicate this show to honor Jimmy Sabater, an architect of boogaloo of the era, who died in 2012 in New York.


Indigenous Worlds


From homegrown grassroots movements, tradition, and musical experimentation comes a wide and international array of musicians who put their own spin on national and indigenous music. Sometimes rupturing the traditions of the past and sometimes affirming them, the songs of these shows spring from the porches of the world.