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OM Episode 24

David Sylian, English singer songwriter first known from the group Japan, is the sole soul featured in this two hour special honoring his 40 years in the ethersphere. Enjoy the melody.

In these two hours and two segments you will hear:
David Sylvian - Where The Railroad Meets The Sea - Gone To Earth - Virgin
David Sylvian - Waterfront - Secrets Of The Beehive - Virgin
David Sylvian - The Ink In The Well - Brillant Tree - Virgin
David Sylvian - Midnight Sun - Dead Bees On A Cake - Virgin
David Sylvian - Sleepwalkers - Sleepwalkers - Samadhisound
Japan - Ghosts - Tin Drum - Virgin
David Sylvian - The Department Of Dead Letters - Manofon - Samadhisound
Nine Horses - The Banality Of Evil - Snow Borne Sorrow - Samadhisound
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - The First Day - Damage - Virgin
David Sylvian - Les Fleurs Du Mal - I Surrender EP - Virgin
Nine Horses - Serotonin (Burnt Friedman Remix) - Money For All - Samadhisound
David Sylvian - A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce - Weatherbox - Virgin
Japan - Nightporter - Nightporter 12" - Virgin
David Sylvian - A Fire In The Forest (Readymade FC Remix) - The Good Son VS The Only Daughter (The Blemish Remixes) - Samadhisound
Mick Karn Feat. David Sylvian - When Love Comes In - Dreams Of Reason - Virgin
Japan - Alien - Quiet Life - Virgin
David Sylvian - Epiphany - Approaching Silence - Virgin
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - World Citizen / I Won't Be Disappointed (Long Version) - World Citizen EP - Samadhisound
David Sylvian - Blemish (Akira Rabelais Remix) - The Good Son VS The Only Daughter (The Blemish Remixes) - Samadhisound
David Sylvian - I Should Not Dare - Died In The Wool - Samadhisound
Rain Tree Crow - Every Colour You Are - Rain Tree Crow - Virgin
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Heartbeat - Heartbeat EP - Virgin
David Sylvian - The Only Daughter - Blemish - Samadhisound
Japan - Television - Adolescent Sex - Hansa


Orbital Mash


Orbital Mash is a monthly eclectic radio show on Art International Radio produced by Me Raabenstein and featuring music with a view, classical music, neo-classical, score, and contemporary beats... Raabenstein is a Berlin-based producer, composer, compiler and radio-dj. He is the owner of Nonine recordings, a label specializing in upfront experimental electronica.