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OM Episode 15

Music with a view selected and presented by Me Raabenstein. With tracks by Kid606, Rael, and Sons Of The Morning Feat. Rafiq Bhatia, 1991, Andy Stott, Monoloc, Dusk & Blackdown and Jan Jelinek, Ssaliva, Dak, Space Ghost, Gacha, Jealov, Onego and Fishing...

Enjoy the melody !!!

Editor's note: Me Raabenstein and Andreas Koslik are releasing a project in November 2012 on nonine recordings (non037 - sieg der liebe) that was started way back in 1997. The compositions on this album embrace a wide spectrum of diverse styles, spoken word, r’n’b, hip hop, jazz, reggae, electronica, classical instrumentation and crackling experimental parts.


Orbital Mash


Orbital Mash is a monthly eclectic radio show on Art International Radio produced by Me Raabenstein and featuring music with a view, classical music, neo-classical, score, and contemporary beats... Raabenstein is a Berlin-based producer, composer, compiler and radio-dj. He is the owner of Nonine recordings, a label specializing in upfront experimental electronica.