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Nine 11 Thesaurus

Charlie Ahearn meets Brooklyn's Nine 11 Thesaurus at IS 291, the junior high school where they first formed and where they now act as mentors through The Beacon Center for Arts and Leadership, helping young MCs students with oppression and adversity by expressing themselves through hip-hop. Made up of some the smartest and freshest MCs of the day, they freestyle on the grounds of their birthplace--mostly a cappella but also over beats by Eminem and Mister Softee--and talk about how 9/11 catalyzed them to do something creative in the aftermath of something so destructive.


Yes Yes Y'all


Charlie Ahearn, a key figure in the hip-hop and DJ scenes, director of the movie Wild Style, and co-author of the book Yes Yes Y'All, invites hip-hop, DJ, and dance world elites to talk history and music.