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Nash Edgerton, The Square

Nash Edgerton and his younger brother, Joel, are the dynamic duo behind the acclaimed Australian import The Square. Written by Joel, who recently won raves onstage opposite Cate Blanchett in the Sydney Theater Production of A Streetcar Named Desire, and directed and edited by Nash, The Square is a nastily involving noir involving an adulterous couple, a construction site, an arsonist, and his much younger girlfriend and two dogs. As a calling card, this debut feature is doing what was intended: making their careers. Nash sat down with Subtitles to discuss their sibling relationship, why he wanted unknowns,
how Joel got to play the arsonist and why he is bearded with burn-scarred skin. Named not for the American automobile but Graham Nash of Crosby, Still & Nash, Nash recalls the Sydney hometown premiere and its attendant jitters, and admits to a now-firm aversion to ever hiring dogs for a low-budget movie again (25 minutes).


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