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M.Z. Ribalow, Artistic Director

Host Pete McCabe of HERE Arts Center talks with the very charming Meir Ribalow about his Artistic Directorship of New River Dramatists, his playwriting, prose fiction, and his multi-faceted career. He also talks about his philosophy of writing and teaching, explaining how he is more interested in the talent of individual writers, not necessarily what kind of plays they write. Ribalow curates and produces the New River segments for

M.Z. Ribalow is an internationally acclaimed Renaissance writer of all forms: from poetry to screenplays, song lyrics to children's books. His plays have been produced in London, Paris, and Amsterdam, and have traversed to the remoter corners of the globe--even to Canada. In addition to a prolific creative writing career, Meir contributes articles to several well-known periodicals providing critique on film, theatre, and music. He has directed numerous plays, and has served as the Artistic Director of the American Repertory Company and the Production Associate at the New York Shakespeare Festival. Meir attended Phillips Exeter Academy, Princeton University, and is currently Artist-in-Residence at Fordham University. (30 minutes)


New River Dramatists


A program of stories, plays, and poetry co-produced with New River Dramatists.

New River Dramatists, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, is a not-for-profit project that distinguishes itself in that it is looking for writers to assist, not works to produce. Engaging writers on the strength of their individual talents instead of the potential merit of a single piece, payment of Honoraria to all participants, the absence of casting and the commitment to process first are among many factors that, taken all together, make New River Dramatists unique.