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Myla Dalbesio, Mellow My Mind

Welcome to Miami: Everything Is Cheaper Than You Think. This is Myla Dalbesio's playlist for Miami 2012.

Aftertaste: The flavor that remains after you swallow. Surprisingly, this may differ significantly from the taste while the wine is in your mouth. A lingering aftertaste is a virtue, as long as the taste is good!

Myla Dalbesio is a Ford model who was discovered at a beauty pageant in her native Wisconsin, and quickly began hacking away at the mold for what constitutes a “normal” size. Having entered into the world of performance art with three shows in 2011—Homecoming, Homecoming: Sophomore Year, and her Young Money exhibition, a garish critique of American culture replete with booze, sex, and hip-hop—she’s quickly emerged as a multi-talented force for whom even the rigid beauty standards of high fashion can’t help but bend.

Welcome to Miami: Everything Is Cheaper Than It Looks is presented in a 3-day exclusive streamcast live from Miami Beach organized in collaboration with ONEofONE whose mobile muscle van, designed by the art team of Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, will roam the streets with nonstop music, interviews, performances, news and surprise spectacles. December 6-8, 2012.


Art Basel Miami Beach


Official art radio station of Art Basel Miami, offering listeners an exclusive peek at the fair. With Coco Rosie, Lee Quinones, Derrick Adams, Kenny Scharf, and more.