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Music as Sensual Tie, Pt. 1 (Violeta Parra)

Narrator and guitarist Ryuichi Daijo introduces his three part series Sensual Tie with a segment honoring Chilean folk guitarist/composer Violeta Parra (1917-1967), who drew creative inspiration from her love of folklore. Daijo plays and comments on several songs from Parra's CD, Composiciones para Guitarra from Warner Music Chile, 1999 (originally recorded in 1961). Parra also began weaving and painting late in life and her human, animal, and plant figures assume fanciful, often surrealistic and distorted forms. Suspended between dream and reality, the images are clearly drawn from the same folk tradition that inspired her music. She committed suicide in 1967.


Our Correspondents: Tokyo


Tokyo correspondent Kazue Kobata delivers the latest culture from Japan.