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Mike Kuchar

MM Serra interviews Mike Kuchar, a pioneering figure in the underground cinema scene in New York City, along with his twin brother, George. He is the creator of a huge wealth of 8mm, 16mm, and video works, including his classic Sins of the Fleshapoids which has inspired other notable contemporary filmmakers such as John Waters. Kuchar continues to create outstanding videos. He and his brother lived together in San Francisco until George's death in 2011.


Film-Makers Cooperative


The Film-Makers' Cooperative series of radio conversations with filmmakers, musicians, writers, critics, and cinephiles provides a platform for active members of the community to express their views and visions on the past, present, and future of experimental and underground cinema. The series delivers a kaleidoscopic overview of auteurs both American and international, who are involved with cinema not for any personal or financial gain, but from a passion for the art of the moving image. Interviews highlight major figures in the history of underground cinema, as well as a driving forces in its current moment.