Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

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Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

Meskerem Assegued, Curvature of Events

After a hectic and exciting 10 days in the dusty and frenetic capital of Ethiopia, helping with the first-ever Addis Video Art Festival, host Will Corwin finds himself in the quiet bit of heaven known as ZCAC (Zoma Contemporary Art Center) chatting with the Ethiopian curator, Meskerem Assegued. In addition to her curatorial work, Assegued is an anthropologist, and regales Corwin with tales of her research into dying rituals and cultural practices in remote parts of Ethiopia with her longtime collaborator, the artist Elias Sime.

Assegued’s most recent project Curvature of Events started at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (Dresden) in 2015 and is set to open in Johannesburg South Africa in spring 2016, featuring the artists Abel Tilahun, Gunter Deller, and Barbara Lubich.

This is the first in a series of interviews with artists, archeologists, anthropologists, musicians, and curators collected in Ethiopia for The Interview Show.


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