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Menasa Studio Dispatches, Part 3

The MENASA Studio Dispatches are a series of over fifty short audio works, commissioned by The Island and Art Dubai Projects, by artists working across the North Africa, Middle East and South Asia regions.

Each dispatch reflects the artists’ current work and they range in form from spoken word and music to abstract sound collage. As well as creating a living archive of artistic practice across the region, the dispatches interrogate the contemporary notion of the ‘studio’ and the accelerated expansion of related technologies over recent years, which have transformed the way in which knowledge is produced and disseminated.

Artists in this segment
Adel Abidin, Jihad video piece
Jananne Al-Ani, Shadow Sites II
Abdulnasser Gharem, Studio dispatch
Vartan Avakian & Raed Yassin, Very Early Works

The MENASA Studio Dispatches is the second edition of The Island’s Studio Dispatches Project presented at Art Dubai Special Projects at Art Dubai, 16-19 March 2011. A selection of dispatches were broadcast on Dubai Eye 103.8 and the entire project is serialised on Art International Radio.

To hear more audio works from this special project tune into MENASA Studio Dispatches, Part 4.

Commissioned by
Art Dubai Projects


The Island


The Island radio series, produced and presented by curators Victoria Brooks and Andrew Bonacina, regularly presents on-site recordings of UK-based performance, music, panels and artist interviews. The Island also partners with the Clocktower Gallery on The Island Studio Sessions, a long-term research project that includes a series of residencies, exhibitions and radio broadcasts. The first two residents as part of the project are UK-based artists Haroon Mirza and Hannah Sawtell. These residencies are made possible by a collaboration between The Island (Andrew Bonacina and Victoria Brooks, curators) and the Clocktower (Alanna Heiss, curator). The Island is an itinerant non-profit organisation that develops curatorial projects in dialogue with international partners. The Island is committed to a collaborative model for working with organisations and artists across the globe to explore the critical potential of cultural exchange.