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Marchthirtyseventh abuses synthesis algorithms in real time to create lightly-warped soundtracks to imaginary public television programs from the '70s and '80s. Weaned on the charmingly tacky TV shows and Top 40 that surrounded him in the suburbs of the Midwest, he began making electronic music using cassette tapes, Casio keyboards, and the programming language GW-BASIC. Twenty years and a (mostly unused) bachelor's degree in Music Composition later, Marchthirtyseventh has over 1,000 songs to his credit, some of which have been used in web commercials, games, and short films. As his goal is to simultaneously entertain and alter the consciousness of the listener, subliminal messages are sometimes hidden haphazardly in the songs.


Warper Party Radio Extravaganza


The Warper party, New York City's largest electronic music showcase, brings its posse of "Omnidigital DJs and Biomorphic Musicians" to the rest of the globe.