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Maggie Nelson, Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning

Maggie Nelson in a conversation on her book The Art of Cruelty, in which she explores the phenomenon of violence in modern avant-garde art.

Nelson is an American poet, art critic, lyric essayist and nonfiction author and she has gained critical acclaim for her books such as Women, the New York School, and Other True Abstractions, The Red Parts: A Memoir, The Art of Cruelty, Something Bright, Then Holes, Jane: A Murder, The Latest Winter, Shiner, and Bluets.

Author Wayne Koestenbaum introduces Nelson.


Channel 192


Channel 192 is curated by Jack Macrae, editor of the Henry Holt imprint Jack Macrae Books, who says that most bookstores, especially the leviathan Borders and Barnes and Noble, are not interested in books. So he and his wife, gallerist Paula Cooper, opened their own, 192 Books on 10th Avenue in Manhattan. Like bookstores of old, 192 houses a collection that is a very personal reflection of its owners. Programs appearing below were recorded during public readings at 192 Books or Paula Cooper Gallery.