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On Saturday, April 14 2012, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix kicked off his residency at ISSUE Project Room with fellow band member and guitarist Bernhard Gann. The set features eruptions of distorted guitar and what Hunt-Hendrix calls burst beats, industrial-like discharges of noise that accelerate, decelerate, then explode in and out of sync with the back beat. Hunt-Hendrix’s vocals alternate between incinerating yelps and minimalist, Gregorian-like melodies, an effect that evokes something simultaneously apocalyptic and ethereal, something uncontainable yet grounded.

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is the singer, guitarist and songwriter for Brooklyn-based black metal band Liturgy. Born in 1985 in NYC, he matriculated at Columbia University, earning a B.A. in philosophy. During that time, he also studied contemporary composition (electroacoustics, extended techniques, and a seminar with Tristan Murail) while also maintaining a close connection to the D.I.Y. Brooklyn music scene, playing in hardcore, metal and math rock bands. In 2008 he formed Liturgy, a self-christened Transcendental Black Metal band committed to developing and enhancing resonances between black metal and various domains of avant-garde culture, serious music, contemporary art, and contemporary philosophy.


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A series of programs recorded live in performance produced by Brooklyn's ISSUE Project Room, a center for innovation, discovery, development, and presentation of new music, sound, dance, performance, literature, video, and film. ISSUE Project Room is a pioneering performance center, presenting projects by both emerging and established experimental artists that expand the boundaries of artistic practice and stimulate critical dialogue about art and culture in the broader community. A 503 (c) nonprofit founded by Suzanne Fiol in 2003, ISSUE plays a vital role in NYC’s cultural ecology, facilitating the commission and premiere of more than 20 new works each year and presenting a diverse array of artists working across the disciplines of music, sound, dance, performance, literature, video, and film. ISSUE places a special focus on bringing recognition to artists whose important contributions to the creative field have been under-recognized, often as a result of gender, sexuality, or geographic location. Through the incubation of innovative new work, ISSUE performs an essential research and development function that stimulates a constant influx of ideas into the local, national, and international creative landscape.