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On Saturday, April 14 2012, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix kicked off his residency at ISSUE Project Room with fellow band member and guitarist Bernhard Gann. The set features eruptions of distorted guitar and what Hunt-Hendrix calls burst beats, industrial-like discharges of noise that accelerate, decelerate, then explode in and out of sync with the back beat. Hunt-Hendrix’s vocals alternate between incinerating yelps and minimalist, Gregorian-like melodies, an effect that evokes something simultaneously apocalyptic and ethereal, something uncontainable yet grounded.

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is the singer, guitarist and songwriter for Brooklyn-based black metal band Liturgy. Born in 1985 in NYC, he matriculated at Columbia University, earning a B.A. in philosophy. During that time, he also studied contemporary composition (electroacoustics, extended techniques, and a seminar with Tristan Murail) while also maintaining a close connection to the D.I.Y. Brooklyn music scene, playing in hardcore, metal and math rock bands. In 2008 he formed Liturgy, a self-christened Transcendental Black Metal band committed to developing and enhancing resonances between black metal and various domains of avant-garde culture, serious music, contemporary art, and contemporary philosophy.


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