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Lars From Mars

The multifaceted electronica musician, Lars from Mars visits the Clocktower studios for a chat with DJ Shakey and shares some music live for this program.

Lars from Mars is the alias for researcher and organizer Lars Graugaard. Lars has worked with electronic music since the late 80s in a wide range of styles, and holds an MA in performance and a PhD in the artistic and technological challenges of interactive music. In recent years, he has gradually incorporated innovative techniques and concepts from music research to create appealing and remarkable experimental electronica. His music has been used in stage productions and films from renowned directors such as Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Mona Lisa).



Warper Party Radio Extravaganza


The Warper party, New York City's largest electronic music showcase, brings its posse of "Omnidigital DJs and Biomorphic Musicians" to the rest of the globe.