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Streaming live from 2-5pm EST, from IdeasCity NY.


Ken Jacobs

Film-Makers' Cooperative director and filmmaker MM Serra interviews the legendary American avant garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs. Ken Jacobs has been a central figure in experimental cinema since his beginnings in the 1960's through the present day. His films include Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son, Blonde Cobra, Perfect Film, and Star Spangled To Death. He is the founder of Millennium Film Workshop. He coined the term "paracinema," referring to cinematic experiences outside of the experiences provided by standard cinema technology. His Nervous System projections use multiple projectors and variable frame-rates to create a unique cinematic experience.


Film-Makers Cooperative


The Film-Makers' Cooperative series of radio conversations with filmmakers, musicians, writers, critics, and cinephiles provides a platform for active members of the community to express their views and visions on the past, present, and future of experimental and underground cinema. The series delivers a kaleidoscopic overview of auteurs both American and international, who are involved with cinema not for any personal or financial gain, but from a passion for the art of the moving image. Interviews highlight major figures in the history of underground cinema, as well as a driving forces in its current moment.