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Keiji Haino

John Duncan presents the sounds of Keiji Heino, intense Japanese noise guitarist, vocalist and performer.

Keiji Haino

Japan's rocker/free improv master musician (since 1970s) Keiji Haino appears here in 2005 with an ad-hoc group, Mitochondria Quartet, with four young musicians on strings. Haino is known for being omnivorous in terms of the instruments he plays and collects, including his own voice and body. He is skinny, very long-haired, in black clothes head to toe, and wearing dark glasses all the time. In this public gig with younger musicians, he started by playing cymbals and drums, and in the latter joint session he provoked them with hyper energy as well as with vocalization and guitar playing. Mitochondria Quartet (nothing to do with Ellington's Alexandra Quartet), Takuya Takahashi, guitar and percussion Jun Kawasaki, bass Takashi Ueno, sax, misc. Ryuichi Daijo, guitar. (29 minutes)


Cross Radio


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