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Joe Ahearn

Pursuant to an AIR, Art International Radio field trip the night before to Queens' Silent Barn, Joe Ahearn, one of the venue's organizers, and now Clocktower Gallery curator, comes in to talk to Will about what exactly he's doing out there in the edgy edges of Ridgewood, the only New York neighborhood to officially change boroughs, in a late-70s effort to dissociate itself from its unruly, troublesome neighbor, Bushwick. Silent Barn is not just a music venue, it's also a housing complex--a social condenser, if you will. Will and Joe talk about the advantages of having dozens of microphones in your residence and expanding the Barn concept all the way out to Broadway Junction (31 minutes).


The Interview Show


Interviews with artists, singers, producers, and curators. Including David Hockney, Sarah Lucas, Marilyn Minter and many more, hosted by artist Will Corwin.