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Infinite Kitten

The electronic musician and DJ is in the studio for an offbeat spin session, featuring his taste for rebellious tracks exploring deep space environments, eroticism, the effect of technology on sexuality, subversive thought and morphogenetic fields, prank calls, delusions of grandeur and visions of paradise.

Infinite Kitten is a coordinator and performer at Warper Party, NYC'S Largest Showcase of Electronic Music and Art. During the 2000's he DJ'd at NYC's Passerby, and Concrete, and later becoming involved in Burning Man and NYC Burner Events. His musical interests range from dub and ambient, to breakbeats, bass music and IDM, and even include recordings of bio-field phenomena.


Warper Party Radio Extravaganza


The Warper party, New York City's largest electronic music showcase, brings its posse of "Omnidigital DJs and Biomorphic Musicians" to the rest of the globe.