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Guardian Alien Live at Primal Screams

A live concert recording of the experimental sound artist duo Guardian Alien performing kaleidoscopic vocal exercises and humming drone accompaniment in a massive movie theater in Times Square as a part of the multimedia event Primal Screams on March 15, 2016.

Primal Screams was a raucous night of underground bands with strong female forces, featuring Screaming Females, Guardian Alien, and Priests, hosted in the AMC Empire 25 movie theater, in collaboration with Times Square Arts. Each defiant performance of howling, shredding, and polyrhythmic drumming was accompanied by the premiere of an experimental video work, glowing on the theater’s monumental screen.

Comprised of prolific New York experimental musicians Greg Fox and Alex Drewchin, Guardian Alien is an ever evolving, far reaching, avant-garde machine. With equal nods to 80s minimal no wave and mid 2000s skronk, the duo effortlessly fuses the old and new schools of musical vocabulary in their kaleidoscopic explorations. Moving past foregone conclusions, they arrive in uncharted territory, where new discoveries can be made.