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Grace Schulman

Grace Schulman comes on the show and reads some of her poetry--a poem for every occasion in fact, including how to deal with unsolicited submissions from friends and acquaintances who know you are the illustrious poetry editor of The Nation! Grace tells Will the secret to being a successful poet: a combination of talent, perseverance and having a supportive spouse who will read your rejection letters for you. Grace's journey through the world of poetry is one that has been gently guided along by contact with other amazing bards--from knowing Marianne Moore in her youth, to sitting across from W.H. Auden on the IRT, to pondering Caedmon's solitary barn recitations (35 minutes).


The Interview Show


Artist Will Corwin conjures, compels, and consoles in an effort to profile people, places, movements, materials, trends, techniques, and make broadcast history.