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G Lucas Crane: Four Tapes From the Active Apocalypse

During his residency at the Clocktower Gallery in the summer of 2010, G Lucas Crane compiled and surrendered these tapes to us which he described as "four tapes from the ongoing end of the world." He continues, "After the 3rd great storm each track was compiled from spherical open field microphones on a timer trip circuit. Dispersed into the population, lost, retrieved, and pieced together, they give an average sonic portrait of human movement during the several end-time cataclysms, fast and slow, that befell humanity."

Tape 1: Urban Slog
"The first tape recounts a massive human caravan’s journey back into the heart of a shattered city, amongst the scorched valleys and oil swamps." -GLC (96 minutes)

Tape 2: Dis the World
"The time for regret is past. Not for any reason other than all memories and trauma dim with age. Details get fuzzy. Places loose their names, concerns once felt so deeply seem trivial, and the plots of our former lives are gone. Something has changed, and to even try to recall the world insults its memory. Getting over the loss of the past leads to deciding it couldn’t have been all that great, that it does not deserve our respect, the life we lived before. It was cheap. It was shallow. We should let it go." -GLC (48 minutes)

Tape 3: Generator Mons
"They’ve managed to get the electricity back on, finally. New people arrive every week. The radio station is open. Hydroponic Greenhouses sealed. Even discovered a hidden catch of un-damaged DVDs. A few classics. The meetings are going better and better, we’re getting things done. The mechanic finally has some help after that last ferry. Trips back into the city are well supervised. The annual dance and harvest fest is much appreciated. They haven’t returned with the truck, but their trip was known to be hard and long and they knew the risks. The school year starts again soon, the new north walls are almost finished. We are well defended, and suddenly not simply waiting for something to happen anymore." -GLC (46 minutes)

Tape 4: DreamWorld
"This is the final development. Nothing at all actually happened. It was all in the mind. I fear It and think about it everyday, and was unconsciously enacting the rituals to bring it about. It was just ballooning internal paranoia heightening all worldly details against the individual and making it clear what must be done. The end is real and near. Everyone else might not know, but I do. I know what happened, what is happening. That everything is different now. I get up from the computer and look out the window. In time they will know, if they can tear themselves away from the daily rituals and diversions. I’ll talk them down, when its time. I’m not sure, but if everyone agrees to forget it makes the illusion permanent. Intelligent races will never reach a level of technology where they can run simulations of reality so detailed they can be mistaken for reality (assuming that this is possible in principle); OR Races who do reach such a sophisticated level do not tend to run such simulations; OR We are almost certainly living in such a simulation. So how seriously should we take this end?" -GLC (57 minutes)


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