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Frank DeCaro, Summer Rolls

Marja invited Frank DeCaro, Sirius Radio host and author of The Dead Celebrity Cookbook, to roll up his sleeves for a little private cooking lesson: Together, they concoct the Dumpling Diva's mouth watering, cool Summer Rolls…

Dumpling Diva's Summer Rolls
Prep Ahead: can be done hours before, actual assembly is best closer to dinner/cocktail hour.

1 bunch of mint& or basil leaves
1 package of ricepaper rounds /skins to 'wrap'
1 peeled cucumber cut in 4" long thin strips
1 bunch scallions cut in 4" long thin strips
1 head of lettuce separated into individual leaves
1 green chili pepper seeds removed, diced
2 pounds big (peeled washed) tiger shrimp

Marinate shrimp for 1 hour in minced garlic, sesame oil, Sambal/red pepper paste or sriracha, and a dash soy sauce. Cut shrimp in half lengthwise and heat pan w 1/2 tbsp oil. Quickly sauté shrimp in batches, and be careful not to overcook them! Then let them cool off..

To fold: take 4 or 5 rice sheets from package and soak (not too many at once) in cold water on shallow plate ..till soft or about two minutes. Carefully spread 1 sheet out on a kitchen towel. Take 1 small lettuce leaf then place fresh mint & basil on top, add couple of scallions + cucumber strips, lastly top with one piece of marinated cooked shrimp, and some marinade. Roll over half then.. flip left & right side as if folding and envelope. Finish by rolling last flap around...
Ready ..makes up to 30 pieces. (Instead of shrimp you can add your favorite fish fillet or mushrooms).



Cooking Up A Storm


Marja Samsom, the Dumpling Diva, has brought all of her pots and pans into the AIR kitchen, where she will cook all her most alluring, signature dishes and provide you with any help you need to make them yourself. Once a performance artist based out of Amsterdam, Samsom thrives on the act; you could ask for no more informed and inviting a culinary guide than Samsom, whose Euro-Asian fusion creations have made her one of the most respected and exciting chefs in New York. So turn up the volume, turn on the oven and tune in.