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Elijah B. Torn

A performance by and conversation with Elijah B. Torn during a public event in the Clocktower Gallery on May 24, 2011. Mr. Torn is described as a sonic-vigilante, boombastic bass-blipping, live-looping, hand-wired light show-providing and an electronic sonic assault artist. Born with looping device in-hand, Torn has been creating electronic music for well over fifteen years. He uses Ableton Live to bring an unquantized approach to live electronic performance while adding some much needed grit to the sometimes sterile electronic music world.

Elijah B. Torn plays electric bass and guitar which are used as the centerpieces for creating fresh textures and sounds. However, no sound is safe. From cassette tapes to field recordings, the artist uses them all to create his signature electronic sound released on two solo CDs, (also planned for 2011, an EP and a new disc). His recordings have been featured on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, WNYC's New Sounds as well as Lou Reed's SiriusXM radio show NY Shuffle. He has received international, web, and local press ranging from Electronic Musician Magazine to being featured on the CreateDigitalMusic site. He has made sample CDs of loops as well as featured artist sample packs for Puremagnetik. Mr. Torn has been a featured performer at Ableton clinics, plays lots of shows and has toured the good ol' US of A several times. He loves your new haircut.

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The Warper party, New York City's largest electronic music showcase, brings its posse of "Omnidigital DJs and Biomorphic Musicians" to the rest of the globe.