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Dope Sagittarius (MC Whistler)

Dope Sagittarius is an electro, hip hop, punk rock extravaganza created by Luqman Brown aka MC Whistler, front man for the band Funkface. This 4-piece out of Harlem NYC with Bass, Drums, Guitar & Rosi the Lap Top are guaranteed fun. The original concept was a band designed to battle DJ's. Utilizing live instruments and superhero-like narrative to create amazing grim, dub step, drum & bass, breakbeats, and techno soul to have the world jookin and pop locking from bat mitzvah's to underground north German mda clubs around the world. M.C. Whistler's lyrical flow switches styles so fast that you will do a double take, looking for the other MC's. While the band jumps around like crazy people.

Check out the album Ghetto Glitch out on Buddhabug Records, with the single "Dirty New York" produced by Knifehandchop


Warper Party Radio Extravaganza


The Warper party, New York City's largest electronic music showcase, brings its posse of "Omnidigital DJs and Biomorphic Musicians" to the rest of the globe.