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DJ Dog Dick, Recorded Live

DJ Dog Dick stops by the Clocktower studio for our weekly livestream session of Playing Hooky. Tune in and listen as Mr. Dick, also known as Max Eisenberg, plays an array of challenging and entertaining tunes that reward listeners with a taste of his diverse musical background, a fusion of noise and hip-hop influences.

Eisenberg, fresh from touring with Panda Bear also discusses how he is aiming for his music to achieve a transcendental reality, using his music to achieve a higher reality, and working as a superintendent for a building in order to finance his dreams.

Playing Hooky is Clocktower's live in-studio performance series featuring musicians of all ages and styles from cowboy music to pure noise. Recorded in our Red Hook studios at Pioneer Works and offered as a distraction from the mid-week blues.


Playing Hooky


Playing Hooky, a Clocktower archive-favorite, aired as a bi-monthly, live in-studio performance series, streamed on Clocktower Radio at Hosted and produced by notorious radio magician, and then Radio Program DirectorDavid Weinstein alongside Jeannie HopperJake NussbaumEthan PrimasonWillie Arnold, and more; this program will zap the blues right out of you!