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David Amram, Part 1 (Jazz and the Beats)

Will Corwin interviews musician David Amram,
with excerpts from a live performance at Cornelia Street Cafe on Sept 7, 2009. Amram and his quartet perform music he has composed celebrating half a century of collaborations with playwrights, choreographers, authors, poets and musicians from the 50s through today's innovative young artists. Surprise guest poet Jose Pacheco joins Amram and his quartet, with Kevin Twigg on drums and glockenspiel, John Dewitt on bass and Eric Lars on bongos. This segment focuses on Amram's work with Jack Kerouac and the so-called "Beats" (check out the filmPull My Daisy) and his association with Dizzy Gillespie and the jazz scene. Part 2 centers on his film soundtracks and dedication to non-western instruments and music (34 minutes).


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